My name is Abhinav Raj Karanwal and I am creating fun in games since 10 years. Here are few achievements of my career:

* Worked on AAA title Red Dead Redemption 2 at Rockstar India.

* Worked on top bestsellers iOS games, Real Steel, Real Steel WRB & Ironkill.

* Perfect combination of aesthetics and technology. Rich experience of combat animations and rigging for various characters.
* Rigged and Animated in-game characters. Storyboarded, directed, rigged and animated for game trailers.
* Worked as Lead and achieved good recognition for animation with the help of amazing team of 10 animators.
* Created Game Animation Pipeline for 3 titles and bench marked animation quality. Was an integral part from Prototype to final release in full game development cycle.
* Can learn new tools, adapt to new processes and can change accordingly quickly and efficiently.
* Self learned art, animation and rigging skills. Can also do low poly modeling, Storyboarding, traditional and digital illustrations.

ROCKSTAR India, Dedicated Unit at Technicolor India, Bangalore: July 2016 -present
Rockstar Games is a leading game developer for consoles, partenered  with Technicolor for art and animation.
Role: Sr. Animator [Cinematic Animation]

Projects: Unannounced Games for consoles
Responsible for creating cut scenes animations:
• Create visually accurate realistic animations

• Cleaning the Mo-cap data in Motion Builder acquired from Giant performance capture technology.

• Facial Mo-cap [Capturing data using Faceware Analyzer and applying it with Retargeter and Motion Builder]
• Skinning creatures/characters in 3DS Max, troubleshoot in RAGE Engine
• Create daily reports using Excel
Software used: Autodesk Motion Builder, Faceware Analyser, Faceware Retargeter, 3DS Max, Perforce, Bug Star and Excel


Playmotion [April 2014 to July 2016]
Role: Sr. Animator [On capacity of Lead/Animation Direction/Outsourced Animation Managing]
Project: Ironkill
Achievements: Rigger and Animator at Playmotion [formed by EA and Reliance Games veterans]
* Created animations with personalities.
* Rigging all 25 characters using character studio in 3DS Max
* Implementing animations into the game engine [Unity3D] and bug fixes
* Animation direction, giving feedback to outsourced team, Asset managing, polishing animations, tracking for timely delivery
* Gave insights for good correlation among frame data and animations.
* Correcting, giving feedback and providing guidelines for better mesh creation for rigging and animations
* Storyboard, directions and animations for game trailers
Anything if a character is involved in it... T-shirt design and wallpapers too.

Role: Sr. Animator/rigger [April 2013 March 2014]
Projects: Theme Park, Monopoly Bingo
* Learned rigging in Maya, Rigged and animated rides in Theme Park game in Maya.
* Read the docs and Reverse engineered the whole process of making .pod files using blender and softimage for using in proprietary engine.
* Grasped the existing game engine requirements and created an easy pipeline for making .pod files using Maya
* Rigged and animated bg characters in Maya, exporting, implementation and bug fixes for Bingo
* Documented all the processes I was involved with.

Reliance Games
Lead Animator [April 2011-March 2013]
Projects: Real Steel, Real Steel[WRB], Total Recall
* Worked as a Lead animator and with the help of 10 talented animator, completed 3 projects simultaneously.
*Benchmarked animations quality keeping the various combat styles in mind.
*Scheduled, assigned and direction given to team members for timely delivery with required quality.
*Trained animators for rigging and other engine related technical tasks and streamlined the pipeline

Reliance Games
Sr. Character Animator  [May 2010- March 2011]
Projects:Real Steel, BMX, F1, Operation Flashpoint[shelved]
*Worked on prototype of my first fighting game, Real Steel, for iOS
*The animations I created for Real Steel, for Midas and Metro characters were benchmarked for the entire game.
*Learned rigging using character Studio, learned exporting, streamlined the pipeline for 3d meshes and animations from 3ds Max to Unity3D.
* Troubleshooting and lots of bug fixes and Documented all the learnings and trained fellow animators
* Worked on proto of OFP, Rigged and animated for BMX[3ds Max]. Helped other teams for F1[Maya]

Diginatives [June 2009-April 2010]
3D Generalist
As a only person for 3D, did everything from modeling, rigging, animations, rendering fx, anything related to 3d stuff.

Sr. Animation and Rigging instructor [June 2008-Dec 2008]
Teaching and mentoring students in the field of animation according to their skills and abilities.
Taught some basic acting stuff, low-poly modeling for games, rigging for games and animation.

Paradox Studios [Now Reliance Games]
Sr. Animator [2006-2008]
Projects: Virgin Comics: Devi, JCVD: Kickboxing, Fido Dido, BMX
My first real job as a 3D Animator. Promoted to Sr. within a year. Here I learned a lot and I was a part of some of the nicest games made in the company.

Root Info Solutions [Sep 2005-June 2006]
CG Artist
Created photo real objects in 3DS Max for various VRML projects. Storyboarded, directed and animated a short film based on panchtantra fables.

Software known:

3ds Max [Rigging and animation using Character Studio]

Maya [Rigging and animation for games]

Motion Builder [Cleaning Mo-cap data and animation]

Faceware Analyser and Retargeter

Photoshop [Creating Digital Illustrations, design and wallpapers]

Unity 3D [game engine used for importing rigged characters, implementing animations and bug fixes]

Premier [basic understanding]

Perforce [Asset Managing]


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