Nice to see you here. Down are some professional and non-professional facts. It all tells about me and my 10 years of career and life.

I am from India and I love watching cartoons since I was 4. Later I hooked to the gaming machines. Played lot of Contra, Street Fighter, MK, Mario and loads of other games till I was big enough to take my life and career seriously. I was 20 at the time of Graduation in commerce, I was enrolled for Chartered Accountancy too, when someone said to me, " You should do what you like" and it was like my whole life turned inside out. I left CA. My sketch books, my love for Video Games, my awards, my toys, everything was saying to take a career in Art. And my parents were clueless too, like me, where to start for a career in games. They use to even think and question themselves that 'is there a career in games or art'. I was clueless but deep in my heart I was sure that this is the only thing in my life I will do, I will be an artist.
So it all started, it was 2002, I was 22, recovering from acute jaundice, I searched for a school, or college or vocational courses, anything that get me the knowledge in digital art. Back then it was so hard to get a good school in India to study game art. I did a small course in 3D basics and after that I decided to learn by myself as classes seems not that much useful. One fine day I met a wonderful girl outside the web store where I use to play UT, she became my girlfriend. Later she bought me a pc, after finding my passion. We were madly in love and we got married. I learned myself and managed to make my first reel and in 2006 grabbed a real job as an animator in then top gaming company in India, Paradox [now Reliance games]. Later I became Lead Animator there, made great friends within my team. Joined and left EA. Joined and left a gaming startup. Now I am in the world's renowned gaming giant Rockstar in India and it was an astounding  experience to be in the biggest AAA game Red Dead Redemption2 and GTA 5 online DLCs. Awesome experience continued.

I have 3 kids, two adopted labs and one human baby. Life is beautiful with those 2 quads and now after baby it has become more exciting. As he is 5 now and my childhood is back. Lots of 'Why this and why that'. And he loves his horse in RDR2 and loves to roam around in his camp.

Life is full of surprises and I want to learn more, be more, enjoy more, love more and enjoy life in the process.

 Yeah, I still get harsh words from 'her' when I play LoL, Hots or CoD or FC endlessly. I can't help it. I love playing games and my parent now tell all that there is a good career in gaming and art. Though they are still clueless what I exactly do.

Awesome !!

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